• Brand Story

    In the world, many cities are well-known for history.
    London is mysterious and vigorous for history. We may say that London is typical of modern European cultures!
    MANZA was just born in London of Europe - the city of history and cradle of aristocrats! MANZA was originally the third daughter of a Britain Royal Duke.
    She is well-mannered, graceful and elegant, pursues the freedom and desires for love.

  • About MANZA

    MANZA is one of preferred loungewear brands for British aristocrats.
    In 2011, MANZA was introduced to China and positioned itself to a high-end loungewear brand in China.
    In May that year, Guangzhou MANZA Trading Co., Ltd. subordinate to Shantou Hongxing Garments Group was
    officially licensed to operate brand MANZA exclusively in China.

  • Brand Position

    MANZA creating a exquisite living after 8h busy work for Chinese people,
    fusion of Eastern and Western culture and original designs of home,to create a comfortable, healthy and fashionable life for the Chinese people

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